Style Guidelines

Traditional text manuscripts should be submitted as Microsoft Word documents. Please include a running head with a shortened version of your title, but DOES NOT include your name. Authors should also remove their names from the document's metadata. For help with this step, click here.

Please use footnotes instead of endnotes for all documents, and include a 100-word abstract and list of keywords at the beginning of the text. 

Follow either 7th or 8th edition MLA format for citations. 

For archival materials, please use the following citation style:

Author last name, first name. Title or description of material. Date. MS or TS [manuscript or typescript]. Name of Collection. Box number, folder number. Name of repository, affiliated university, city.

We welcome multimedia submissions and digital scholarship. Please contact the editors to discuss formats before sending these types of submissions.

Review Process

Manuscripts should not be previously published or under consideration elsewhere. Manuscripts should bear no identifying information (internal or external) about the author(s).Those texts deemed appropriate will be submitted for blind review by two external readers who will be asked to complete reviews within four weeks of receiving them.

New submissions
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